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Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial floor sweepers are specialist machines that keep large areas clear of dust, debris and litter. They come in two varieties; walk-behind and ride-on. As is obvious, the size of the area you need to clean dictates which you use. You can see we have a wide range of sweepers, any of which will make cleaning your floors easier and more efficient.

Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

Industrial scrubber dryers are specialist machines used to clean large floors and are the most popular type of floor cleaning machines. They are ideal for deep-cleaning, preserving or polishing floors and come in two categories; walk-behind and ride-on. As is obvious the size of the area you need to clean dictates which you use. We have a wide range of floor cleaning scrubber dryers, one of which will take the hassle out of keeping your floors clean.

Multi-purpose Street Sweepers

The Powerflex range of machines are multi-purpose units based on a bespoke permanent 4-wheel drive platform. Each model in our range features quick change attachments that can be swapped by the machine operator without tools in as little as 1 to 5 minutes, dependant on model...

Groundcare Equipment

An extensive range of groundcare equipment, consisting of compact tractors, mowers and utility vehicles. Our range includes top quality products from well-known and trusted brands such as STIGA, Mountfield and Honda, plus our exciting new ISEKI range of compact tractors and mowers, together with all-terrain utility vehicles from Corvus. The full Groundcare range is available to view in our showroom.